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When you contact us we will look to set a time for your consultation that is convenient for you. We not only will meet at a time convenient for you, we will also come to you for the consultation.

Needs Assessment

During your consultation we will discuss the accounting needs of your business. We can handle all of your accounting needs or just a portion such as payroll or taxes. Whatever your business needs are we are here to help.

Grow Your Business

We pride ourselves in being more than just accountants or bookkeepers. We are committed to being that and more. We want to be your Profit and Growth Experts.

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Your Profit and Growth Resource We Are Different. Request a Consultation Successful businesses continually reinvent themselves. When they don’t, they find themselves in the same position as buggy whip manufacturers at the dawn of the automobile’s popularity.

Even though the product they made fit a former need well, the world moved on without them. No company can afford to find themselves left behind. Continued measurement and course adjustment will assure that you never are.
Not All Accountants Are Alike.
We Work With You To Grow Your Business
And Your Bottom Line.

Reasons To Choose Rank Richer Services

Remote, Any Time, Personalized Bookkeeping Services

The services we offer are designed to give you the information you need to make the most profitable decisions in your business. We’ll provide you with timely and accurate information so that you can focus on what you do best in your company.

To accomplish this goal we have identified 30 ways we can make you money so that you can have custom-designed small business accounting process that you can refer to as Your Accounting System. As you build your business we are committed to grow with you. Simply put, we measure our success by how well we help you achieve yours.

No One-Size-Fits All Contract or Service Agreement

You will never see us apply a one-size-fits-all solution. Instead our accountant will give you personal attention and a sophisticated, forward-looking strategy.

Every business decision that you make should be based upon experience (wisdom gained from analysis of past information) or upon current information. Without specific metrics to gauge your success, you will have no data to determine what’s working.

Committed to Your Success

Our profit and growth experts are committed to serving the needs of businesses in our community. We have the services and know-how required to help your business prosper today, tomorrow and five years from now.

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To move up the wisdom pyramid, you have to experiment with new approaches. The difference between a company that performs well and one that excels stems, in large degree, from the management’s willingness to try new approaches and then measure their success.

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Carol and I have worked together for over ten years. For six years Carol served as our staff accountant and most recently supported our business, through her company, Rank Richer. Carol, is a no nonsense, end results staff accountant. Just let her get to work and she will be the asset you are looking for to assist with timely information to manage your business at the next level.

H. Clayton Burrous, President - Sunbelt Gifts

I have known Carol for the past three years. During that time, I have come to know her as a businesswoman and on a personal level. In both areas, she exemplifies honesty, integrity, and candor. I have been in the business industry for over ten years. It is a pleasure to both know and work with a businesswoman like Carol Kirchner. Carol also carries an outstanding reputation in the community for her impeccable work and dedication to the job.

Meghan Porter, Owner - Charleston Children's Boutique

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